Mrs. Mary-Lise de Landtsheer, AB WCF (Belgium )

Mrs. Tamara Sapozhnikova, AB WCF (Russia)

Mrs. Tatiana Deulenko , AB WCF (Russia)

Mrs. Natalia Rozkova, AB WCF (Estonia)

Mrs. Olga Gruzd, AB WCF (Russia)  


Courtoise Amulet, SIA b – 2 X CAСЕ,  Nom Bis ( M-L.  Landsheer  & T.Sapozhnikova).  Best Opp Sex SOSH  

Boariks Amulet, SIA f  - 2 X CACIB (M-L.  Landsheer  & T.Sapozhnikova) , became Int .Ch. WCF  and got her first  CAGCIB , Nom Bis  from О. Gruzd.   

Mariol’s Blue Amulet , SIA a –  put in his piggy bank additional  3 X CACJ,  became the first Junior Champion WCF in our cattery, 2 х Nom Bis, Best Junior SOSH and BOB Junior-V,  Best Junior and  Best of Breed  at the Eastern Show  “Love’s Song ” ( O. Gruzd). 

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