Mrs. Olga Gruzd, AB WCF ( Russia )

Mrs. Anna Nazarova, AB WCF ( Russia)

Mr. Roman Nitsenko, AB WCF ( Russia)


The father and son took participation at Show

Mariol’s Blue Amulet , SIA a : CAC - СACIB, from Mr. R. Nitsenko and Mrs. A. Nazarova, Nom Bis from Mr. R. Nitsenko. WCF adult rig–5 (among 29 cats), Mr. R. Nitsenko and WCF adult ring -4 ( among 22 cats). Mrs. O. Gruzd.  Despite the good results we were so worried. Other adult stud boys and queens in call made Blue very nervous, he grumbled  breathing heavily and raised hair. It was not true Show behavior!

Chambord Amulet,  SIA n : 2 x CACP and  2 x Nom BiS from Mr. R. Nitsenko and Mrs. A. Nazarova . Young boy was  unusually quiet and obedient at his the first Show. 

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