Новости за 2012 год

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The expiring 2012 year went out for us with the call time on show career of Mafdet Red Rory and Mariol's Myrtille. For now they both are the World Champions.


The final titles were awarded in Astana at the World Fair, held on September 29-30. It’s a milestone event for us   since the World Show took place in Kazakhstan for the first time.

Also we were lucky to undergo an examination at Mr. John Hansson, a famous English judge – a super expert in sia-ori breeds from Great Britain, a person, whose contribution to the development and formation of breeds of eastern cats is tremendous. He had the kindness to visit the show of our Club “Zhanym” on October 27-28.



For the first half of 2012 numerous voyages to take part in shows as in the country as in Odessa (Ukraine), and twice in Samara (Russia) were made.

Various judges from the different countries were an umpire of shows:
Ms. Larissa Levkovich, Ms. Tamara Sapozhnikova, Ms. Anna Rudakova; Ms. Dina Smirnova, Ms. Olga Mironova, Ms. Marina Litvina, Mr. Artem Mineev – judges from Russia;
Ms. Nadejda Pilatova – Belarus;
Ms. Nina Grinakovskaya – Kazakhstan;
Ms. Mary-Lise de Landtsheer – Belgium;
Ms. Corinne Grognet-Michaux – Belgium;
Mr. Jeremiasz Gradkowski – Poland;
Prof. Massimo Picardello – Italy;
Mr. Klaas van der Wijk – the Netherlands; 

Receiving the title Grand Euro Champion for Mafdet Red Rory & Mariol` s Myrtille is the result of these journeys. Our children were nominated to Best in Show at different shows. Myrtille became also the best adult in the mono-pedigree show in Samara, 4 BIS in Odessa.



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