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The last litter was born from our red-ears Lord Rory and Boariks on the 7th of August 2016.
Let's meet - "From England - with love"
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Mrs. Olga Gruzd, AB WCF ( Russia )

Mrs. Anna Nazarova, AB WCF ( Russia)

Mr. Roman Nitsenko, AB WCF ( Russia)


The father and son took participation at Show

Mariol’s Blue Amulet , SIA a : CAC - СACIB, from Mr. R. Nitsenko and Mrs. A. Nazarova, Nom Bis from Mr. R. Nitsenko. WCF adult rig–5 (among 29 cats), Mr. R. Nitsenko and WCF adult ring -4 ( among 22 cats). Mrs. O. Gruzd.  Despite the good results we were so worried. Other adult stud boys and queens in call made Blue very nervous, he grumbled  breathing heavily and raised hair. It was not true Show behavior!

Chambord Amulet,  SIA n : 2 x CACP and  2 x Nom BiS from Mr. R. Nitsenko and Mrs. A. Nazarova . Young boy was  unusually quiet and obedient at his the first Show. 

International Show 18th of  September , Astana, Kazakhstan


Mrs. Yanina Melnikova. AB WCF ( Belarus )

Mrs. Irina Matushina, AB WCF ( Russia)

Mrs. Nina Grinakovskaya, AB WCF ( Kazakhstan )


Mariol’s Blue Amulet , SIA a – 2 X CAC,  2 х Nom Bis . It was his first Show in open classes and the boy was very polite to both people and cats. No hissing, no Red Indian portraying with mohawk!

Are preparing enter into the Great and, hopefully, Kind world children from  Blue and Courtoise - litter "French Holiday"

All information on this page Kittens


Mrs. Mary-Lise de Landtsheer, AB WCF (Belgium )

Mrs. Tamara Sapozhnikova, AB WCF (Russia)

Mrs. Tatiana Deulenko , AB WCF (Russia)

Mrs. Natalia Rozkova, AB WCF (Estonia)

Mrs. Olga Gruzd, AB WCF (Russia)  


Courtoise Amulet, SIA b – 2 X CAСЕ,  Nom Bis ( M-L.  Landsheer  & T.Sapozhnikova).  Best Opp Sex SOSH  

Boariks Amulet, SIA f  - 2 X CACIB (M-L.  Landsheer  & T.Sapozhnikova) , became Int .Ch. WCF  and got her first  CAGCIB , Nom Bis  from О. Gruzd.   

Mariol’s Blue Amulet , SIA a –  put in his piggy bank additional  3 X CACJ,  became the first Junior Champion WCF in our cattery, 2 х Nom Bis, Best Junior SOSH and BOB Junior-V,  Best Junior and  Best of Breed  at the Eastern Show  “Love’s Song ” ( O. Gruzd). 


Mrs. Elena Fedorenko, AB WCF (Russia)

Mrs. Anna Rudakova, AB WCF (Russia)

Mr. Yevgeniy Mechkovskiy, AB WCF (Kazakhstan)

Courtoise Amulet, SIA b – 2 X CACE,  2 X NomBis ( A. Rudakova & Y.Mechkovskiy). WCF ring Adult – 3 among 24 cats ( E. Fedorenko)

Boariks Amulet, SIA f – became Ch. WCF, 2 X CACIB and the main thing – little queen met "her" judge who noticed and appreciated cat’s quality and advantages! Elena, thank you so much for the ring and the dialog!



Mrs. Anna Izmalkova,  AB WCF (Russia)

Mrs. Nina Grinakovskaya,  AB WCF (Kazakhstan)

Mrs. Olga Abramova,  AB WCF (Russia)

Courtoise Amulet, SIA b – 2 x CAGCIB,  2 x NomBis, became Gr. Int. Ch. WCF. The WCF adult ring – 5 (among 34 cats), judge Olga Abramova


The younger generation successfully represented themselves at their first Show

Mario's Blue Amulet,  SIA a – 2 x CACJ,  NomBis,  became Best Junior SOSH and BOB Junior II first day! The WCF Junior ring – 9 ( among 26 cats ), judge N. Grinakovskaya.

Boariks Amulet, SIA f   - 2 x CAC and condign comment: "grumbler" at the judge’s report

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