Ms. Tamara Sapozhnikova, AB  WCF  ( Russia )

Ms. Marina Litvina , AB  WCF (Russia )

Ms.  Olga Gruzd,  AB WCF ( Russia )


Courtoise Amulet (Shokoladina) SIA b  -  CACIB  and  Nom Bis from Ms. Sapozhnikova. CAGCIB and Nom Bis from Ms. Litvina, received a title of the  Inter Champion WCF.

BOB SOSH and BIS III    - 18/04

BOB SH and BIS II – 19/04

She wasn’t worried and shows herself beautifully  - well done!


Bayard East Wind*RU  SIA n – two CAGCIB  and Nom Bis from Ms. Sapozhnikova and Ms. Litvina, received a title of the Grand Inter Champion WCF.

Best opp sex SOSH – 18/04

Well done, our sweet boy!


Ms. Satu Hamalainen, AB  FIFE  ( Finland )

Ms. Nina Grinakovskaya , AB  WCF (Kazakhstan )

Ms.  Tatyana Deulenko,  AB WCF ( Russia )


Lilith Amulet (Lilechka) SIA e21 (co-owner Svetlana Cheliatidi ) got  two CAC  and  Nom Bis  from Ms. Hamalainen and Ms. Grinakovskaya.

Courtoise Amulet (Shokoladina) SIA b  - 2 CACIB  from Ms. Hamalainen and Ms. Deulenko and  Nom Bis from Russian judge. 

Bayard East Wind*RU  SIA n – CAGCIB  from Ms. Deulenko. 


 Ms. Olga Gruzd, AB  WCF (Russia)

Ms. Nancy  Dodds,  AB  CFA (USA)

Mr. Dr. Johan H. Lamprecht, AB  WCF (South Africa)


Courtoise Amulet (Shokoladina) SIA b  received a title of the National Champion, Nom Bis  and got her first CACIB  from  Ms. Gruzd. 



Ms. Nadezhda  Flegontova, AB  WCF ( Russia)

Ms. Genevieve  Paquet – Franc, AB  WCF (Belgium)

Ms.  Karen Pepler, AB SACC  (South Africa)


Arya Stark Amulet (Арья) SIA h21 (co-owner Irina Sluchanko ) got two CACIB and Nom Bis from Ms.Pepler

Courtoise Amulet (Shokoladina) SIA b grew up and was exhibited in the open class. The result: 2 CAC  and    2 Nom Bis.  Stubborn refusal to show itself stylishly, as required by the unwritten  rules of WCF, depriving her of any opportunity to compete for a place in the BEST.



Ms. Olga Sinitsa,  AB  WCF-guest (Russia)

Ms. Francoise Millicent Dubois,  AB  WCF (France)

Ms. Pam DelaBar,  AB  CFA  (USA)


Arya Stark Amulet (Арья) SIA h21 (co-owner Irina Sluchanko ) received a title of the National Champion and got her first CACIB and Nom Bis from  Ms. DelaBar.

It was the first and successful representation to beau monde for young Courtoise Amulet(Shokoladina)SIA b. She got 2 CACP and 2 Nom Bis, moreover, she has become Best in Show Kitten 3 of the first part of the Show.

Fairness it must be admitted that the girl is not yet able to behave yourself, very worried and tries to hide in her mother's neck.

The  exhibition  was  attended  another  graduate  of our cattery - Joyeuse Amulet (Afina) SIA b21, just get  2 CACP. Unfortunately, after 6 months she demonstrated strabismus and was withdrawn from the breeding program.



Ms.  Mary-Lise de Landtsheer,  AB  WCF (Belgium)

Ms.  Natalja Rozkova,   SLH, SH, SOSH  WCF (Estonia)

Ms.  Olga Afanasyeva,  AB  WCF (Russia)


Arya Stark Amulet (Арья) SIA h21 (co-owner Irina Sluchanko ) got her first 2 CAC in open class and took part in the sia-ori breeds show  


We have the replenishment!
Three cheerful, rowdy girls born from Alice and RorickHaritosha, Tanjusha and Lilechka.
We continue to cooperate with cattery Amrita Marga`sCooperation has brought new kittenfruits of our Byasha (In.Ch. Bayard East Wind*RU ) and Caroline (Carolina Herrera) in the face of two girls and one boy.
October 26-27, 2013, this litter was the second best litter(of both days)  of the World Cat Show held  in Almaty.
And ... a few days ago .. We happened demographic expansion ... 7 sweeties from Isabel and Bayard!
See the demographic action on the page  «Kittens»


  • Ms. Olga Belyaeva AB WCF (Russia)
  • Mr. Dieter Meister AB WCF (Germany)
  • Ms. Marion Meister AB WCF (Germany)
  • Mr. Evgeni Mechkovskiy AB WCF (Kazakhstan)
Kittens of our joint project with Nursery Amrita Marga (which owner is Helena Wasserman) have become: «Best of Best litter» – according to the results of a two-day show by a unanimous decision of judges.
And Amulet Amrita marga's has become:«Best of Best baby» - according to the results of a two-day show Best baby of the mono-breed show (Judge Dieter Meister).


By the way,  seal-point gentleman Ch. Bayard East Wind * RU from Moscow (cattery Private Collection, owned by Oleg and Anna Titkins), previously proved itself as an excellent prepotent boy, has come to us!
We hope that he will give us beautiful species kids!

Oleg, Anya .... I have no words to express the WHOLE of my gratitude to you for all that you have done for me!