Int. Ch. Isabel Amulet (Izabelka)

SIA g 21 (blue tortie tabby point)
Private Collection James Bond
Ch.IFA Oessy Amulet (Сара)
Дата рождения: 
Страна происхождения: 
KZ Kazakhstan
Neutered. She lives as pensioner of national importance.

The last kitten of Sarah and Buratin. An extremely lovesome chatterbox, adoring to be a focus of attention.

She is a volunteer to clean the floor, to help to take a bath, to assemble a computer, to carry out a testing of borsch and kasha.

She likes flowers as all women do (to take the truth to eat): not so long ago it finished eating a dragon-tree, not she is falling to spathiphyllum. She has a clear view of the home interior design, eliminating all imperfections that offend her eyes.

A ground-type bowl and a glass Christmas-tree were evidently out of place. They will never, nowhere and to nobody spoil the interior design!


Became a doting mom and excellent teacher to their thirteen baby ( three litters).