Новости за 2017 год

The first litter was born from Blue and Boariks on the 17th of July 2017

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Mrs. Anneliese Hackmann, Germany (AB, WCF)

Mrs. Tatjana Černova, Latvia (AB, WCF)

Mrs. Cornelia Hungerecker, Germany (AB, WCF)

Mrs. Marion Meister, Germany (AB, WCF)

Mr.  Dieter Meister, Germany (AB, WCF)

Dr.  Olga Mironova, Russia (AB, WCF)

Mr.  Eugeniy Mechkovskiy, Kazakhstan (AB, WCF)

Mrs. Natalia Rozkova, Estonia (AB, WCF)

Mrs. Marina Vinkel, Estonia (AB, FIFe)

Almost all cattery took part in the exhibition - adults have competed in open class, the kittens went to show itself and to look after the new owners, neuter- teenage Fontainebleau just for company

Mariol’s Blue Amulet SIA a :  САСIB – CACIB, D.Meister and M. Meister,  Nom BiS from M.Meister. Became Int Champion WCF. He was awarded the Best Opposite Sex (SOSH) 27.11.16 having lost his beloved girlfriend Boariks due to his high emotionality

Courtoise Amulet SIA b :  the 3rd CACE from D.Meister and became Eur Ch WCF.

Boariks Amulet SIA f : 2 х CAGCIB, 2 х Nom BIS  D. Meister and M.Meister, became Gr Eur Ch WCF.

Best Opposite Sex (SOSH) 26.11.16 and Best of Best-VI 27.11.16 !!!

Chambord Amulet SIA n : 2 x CACP and  2 x Nom BiS from D.Meister and M.Meister He was unusually quiet and obedient at his the first Show and now he knew that nothing bad will happen to him.

Fontainebleau Amulet SIA c: 2 x CAPP and  2 x Nom BiS from D.Meister and M.Meister. Best Neuter Kitten-I  for both days!! Mr. D.Meister was extremely disagree with our decision to sterilize a girl because of light unsaturated eyes and called us "madwomen" :)

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